The project Dublin Support for Guardians was implemented by Nidos in cooperation with Caritas International and France Terre d’Asile with financial support of the European Refugee Fund in 2013-2014.

The project aimed to:

  • Formulate steps for each member state for reuniting a UAM with his family (care to care);
  • Offer support to guardians and other representatives in Dublin cases of UAMs, such as practical problems with the reunification of minors with their families.

The project resulted in an improvement of the service of guardians in Dublin procedures in the European Union and offers insights in the transposition of Dublin III in the national contexts.

Dublin III
For unlimited reasons, UAMs can end up in one EU member state, while their family ends up in another. The Dublin regulation offers the possibility to reunite the minor with his family in these situations. Under Dublin III, the minor can be reunited with parents, as well as brothers or sisters, uncles and aunts, grandparents or any adult that may have taken care of the minor in the country of origin.

As part of the project, Nidos set up a helpdesk to assist guardians with Dublin-cases of UAMs. This assistance – based on years of experience – concerns several elements of reunification under Dublin:

  • Making the best interests of the child concrete;
  • Aid with getting insight in the factors that are important in a reunification process;
  • Providing contact details;
  • Information about the process in any EU country;
  • Positioning of the guardian in the legal Dublin procedures.

Germa Lourens
Projectmanager Dublin Support for Guardians