Guardianship is appointed to a department of a municipality in Hungary. It cannot be said in advance who the actual guardian would be in case an unaccompanied minor is transferred to Hungary.

However, given the role of the guardianship department of the fifth district of the municipality of Budapest, a guardian can turn to this department to transfer relevant information about an unaccompanied minor coming to Hungary. This department also declared to be willing to assist in case a guardian in another European Member State is seeking for someone to assess the situation at a relative or family member and to advise in this matter.


5th District Guardianship Office
Of Government Office of Capital City Budapest
Public Guardianship Authority
H-1051 Budapest
Jozsef nádor tér 10
Tel.: 0036.1.7959654
Email: gyarmugy@05kh.bfkh.gov.hu