Within the framework of the CONNECT project, two specific instruments have been developed that concern guardianship and can be used by guardians or guardianship organizations:

  • The tool “Working with the unaccompanied child”, which can be used as a shortened method for social workers, guardians and others who work with UAMs;
  • The report “The right to be heard and participation of unaccompanied minors”, a publication that lists experiences and options to increase feedback and participation of UAMs.

The CONNECT project at large concerned reception, protection and integration policies for UAMs. It focused on how actors work individually and together to respond to the rights of these children and fulfill EU law obligations in their regard. The project aimed at contributing to practical measures for supporting the actors by developing specific tools and identifying good practices. Country mappings of the Netherlands, Italy, Sweden and the United Kingdom survey the general legal, policy and administrative context in which actors engage with the situation of unaccompanied and separated children.

Practical outputs

  • EU Reference Tool: sets out the body of EU law and policy which relates to unaccompanied children;
  • Country mappings: outlined how actors work, individually and in cooperation with each other;
  • Good practice: identification of common challenges across the four countries and national practices;
  • Five practical tools: address key aspects of the cooperation of the actors;
  • Recommendations for action and priority areas for further work, nationally and at European level.

Funding and partners
The project was funded by the European Union under a call for proposals for pilot projects on unaccompanied minors, the funds for which had been allocated by the European Parliament. The participating organizations were:

  • Italy: Save the Children, Don Calabria, the Italian Ministry of Labour and Social Policies;
  • Netherlands: Nidos;
  • Sweden: Save the Children (together with UNHCRs Bureau for Europe), County Administration of Västra Götaland;
  • United Kingdom: Coram Children’s Legal Centre.


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