Professionalisation of guardianship in Europe
REC rights of the child funded project
October 2017- October 2019

Project objectives
ProGuard was based on the following assumptions, derived from general research and practical experience of the project partners:

  • there is a lot of knowledge and expertise available but there is no systematic way in which insights and best practices are shared; many organisations fend for themselves and guardians do not yet have easy and structured access to information, methodologies and best practices
  • protecting and implementing child rights for unaccompanied children in Europe requires professional guardianship organisations with specialised knowledge and networks.

Project results
The project delivered

The outcomes and deliverables of ProGuard were transferred to the European Guardianship Network (EGN) during the second meeting of the network that took place in Glasgow on 23 September 2019, as a contribution to the network’s mission to develop safe, effective and consistent ways of delivering high quality, child rights based, and accessible guardianship services.

Contact details
Marjolein Groen
Project Manager Nidos
Phone: +31 (0) 6 574 93 994

Reports and publications