The Refugee Reception Center in Rukla (as a legal person) provides both accommodation and guardianship to unaccompanied minor. A social worker at the centre will be assigned to take care of an unaccompanied minor.

Advise for guardians
Guardians in another EU Member State who are responsible for an unaccompanied minor and want to learn more about the situation of family members or relatives in Lithuania are advised to contact the Refugee Reception Center to find the competent body to do an assessment of the relative or family member. The Red Cross is also quite active in the field of asylum.

The Refugee Reception Center
Karaliaus Mindaugo g. 18, Rukla
LT-55283 Jonavos r., Lithuania
Tel: 00370.349.73377
Tel: 00370.657.86245 (the Center for unaccompanied minors)

Red Cross
Pebégéliu reikalu skyrius
Juozapaviciaus g. 10A,
09311 Vilnius
Tel: 00370.85.2127322
Fax: 00370.85.2619923