Sweden has a system of temporary guardianship which is arranged on a local level. An unaccompanied minor is in first instance assisted by a guardian. After an asylum procedure started, a minor is transferred to a municipality where the unaccompanied minor will be appointed a custodian.

With regard to transfers that take place within the framework of the Dublin III Regulation, it is important to note that an unaccompanied minor who enters Sweden after being transferred under the Dublin III Regulation because the minor has a relative or family member in Sweden, will be placed in an ‘arrival centre’. Sweden has several of these arrival centres. The decision in which arrival centre a minor will be placed after arriving in Sweden is not known beforehand. With regard to this, it can be stated that transferring the care from the ‘sending’ guardian to a new guardian is problematic.

However, guardians are advised to try to find out to which municipality an unaccompanied will be transferred to upon arrival to Sweden. With regard to this it is important that the guardian knows if the relative or family member of the unaccompanied minor resides with a permit, whether he or she owns accommodation somewhere in Sweden or resides in a reception centre with a pending procedure for international protection.

In the first case, a guardian might approach the “Sveriges Kommuner och Landsting (SKL)” (in English: Swedish Association of Local Authorities and Regions (SALAR)”. This is an overarching association for the municipalities in Sweden which also covers the departments for Social Services. Through contacting SALAR a guardian might come in contact with the relevant Social Service department before an actual transfer of an unaccompanied minor to Sweden takes place.

In the second case, if a relative or family member of an unaccompanied minor resides in an accommodation meant for asylum seekers, a guardian is advised to contact the staff of this accommodation. The competent authority to appoint accommodation for asylum seekers is the Swedish Migration Board.


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