Minors who arrive in Finland based of the Dublin III Regulation will first be placed in a group home for unaccompanied minors. In most of the cases this is the “Espoo Group Home” near to Helsinki. This is also the case in situations where an unaccompanied minor has a relative or family member in Finland.

Before a minor can move to private accommodation there is a structured procedure in the reception facility that must be followed. It includes appointment of a guardian, an initial interview, health check and then an investigation of the suitability of the private accommodation. The child’s own views are heard and taken into account according to its age and maturity. The guardians investigate the private accommodation and will give a written statement about the matter. The reception facility staff will meet the family as well and assess its suitability. The final decision will be made by the head of the reception facility. This is an administrative decision which can also be appealed.

Based on this, guardians are advised to pro-actively approach the authorities and ask if an unaccompanied minor is indeed placed in Espoo Group Home. With this information, a guardian could continue the search on who to approach for making an assessment in advance.


Espoo Group and Family Group Home
Director: Mikko Välisalo
P.O. Box 94212
02070 Espoon kaupunki
Fax: 00358.9.81622357

NGO for legal advice for asylum seekers (incl. unaccompanied minors):
Refugee Advice Centre (in Finnish: Pakolaisneuvonta Ry)
Kaisaniemenkatu 4A, 6.krs
00100 Helsinki
Tel: 00358.75.7575100
Fax: 00358.757575120