Upon arrival of an unaccompanied minor to Slovenia, the police will register the unaccompanied minor. They will also accommodate the minor. An unaccompanied minor is brought to the Asylum Centre (AC), the designated centre in these cases is CSW Postojna. The Police has to notify the Centre for Social Work (Ministry for Labour, Family and Social Affairs) on this. The latter immediately appoints the minor a legal guardian. Volunteers act as guardians for unaccompanied minors in Slovenia, though it is known that not all unaccompanied minors are provided with a guardian. The guardian’s task is to represent a minor in procedures and protect his/her rights and interests.

Advise for guardians
In case a guardian assists an unaccompanied minor with a family member or relative in Slovenia, it is advised to get in touch with the Centre for Social Work, since this is the competent body for appointing the guardianship for an unaccompanied minor.

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