The preceding ALFACA-project enabled the development of specialised training; the ALFACA-training. The training aimed at increasing the capacity of professionals in a counselling role. As this target group is scattered, often part of national youth care systems and lacking the necessary skills in many countries, and given the important role that these professionals play in the life of the children, further dissemination of this training was very important. Under the ALFACA II project the ALFACA training has therefore been conducted in the partner countries. Each training has been adjusted to the country specific situation and needs. The training were offered to social workers as well as policy makers to reach professionals at different levels.

The ALFACA II Training Response Team conducted the training in five other member states (not partner countries) to ensure wider dissemination of the ALFACA material and promoting family based care for unaccompanied children.

The training is based on the ALFACA material (handbook and E-learning) which can be found here. If you are interested in these specific training plans you can contact the Project Manager using the contact information below.