The only form of living within a family that is currently offered is kinship care, whereby minors live with their own family. This is the case for approximately 30% of the UAMs. The social workers working in the reception centres decide on this (if it is thought to be the best option for the child) and offer support to minors living with their own family. There has to be a thorough assessment if a child is placed with a family: the family’s ability and resources to take care of a child are assessed and the conditions of the private accommodation are monitored and supervised. This is done in cooperation with a social worker from the reception centre, a social worker in the community and the child’s guardian. The child remains officially registered at the group home. The family does not receive compensation for housing the child, and in practice the approach depends on the municipality’s and the child welfare authorities’ interpretation of the UAM’s situation.

UAMs with a residence permit are accommodated in a family group home, a supported family placement or in an otherwise appropriate manner, which is financed by one of the Centres for Economic Development, Transport and the Environment. A family placement means more or less the same as the private accommodation mentioned above. Child welfare services are, however, financed by the municipality in which the family group home is situated.

Central Union for Child Welfare
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